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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  February 27, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> reporter: your elbow can be in my shot anytime you want chilly out there. you are a tough lady i know, this afternoon, you will be dealing with low 60s. temperatures in town 38 degrees. by noon sunny and 54. breezy at times out of the south southwest. and then by 5:00, 60 degrees with highs in the low 60s. we have a little bit of moisture. all in all, we are in good shape. 28 frederick, 29 leesburg. on the flip side near 40 from annapolis right now. 39 on the bay. and 62 in washington.
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manassas 63. monika samtani with a look at time sp saver -- timesaver traffic. >> reporter: no trouble to report in and around town. there has been an accident on the northbound side of 95 near quantico on both shoulders but traffic volumes are light enough it shouldn't affect your drive too much. the 14th street bridge is okay, and into the downtown area you are just fine right now. we'll go over to the other side of town, no problems to report. if you are planning to head here on 66 outside the beltway near centerville, incident free all the way to the beltway and inside to the rows vetted bridge. in my -- to the roosevelt bridge. two firefighters will spend
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months recovering from the injuries they suffered this weekend. >> they are listed in critical condition but expect to recover slowly. matt talked to a couple of the firefighters with the less serious injuries. >> reporter: lieutenant michael maples has fought dozens of fires and dealt with all kinds of situations during his nine years as a volunteer firefighter. the last two with the riverdale fire department. >> went to a report of a house fire. >> reporter: but what happened two nights ago in riverdale heights was an entirely new and extremely painful experience. lieutenant naples was one of three firefighters who were injured, two critically, when a wind swept fire tore through a vacant house. lieutenant naples suffered serious burns on both sides of his face and tore ligaments in his shoulder when something fell on him. >> could have been sheetrock or
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metal. i don't know, too dark, too hot, kind of get it off me and get out of there. >> reporter: a total of seven firefighters from riverdale fire department responded to friday night's -- blaze. four of them were injured. >> 19-year-old michael mcclary was another of the injured firefighters. still clearly shaken by the events of friday night. >> it was very hot in there. >> reporter: he would only briefly describe the circumstances that led to serious burns on his hands and three cracked ribs. >> when we were inside, it fell down on me and crushed my chest. >> reporter: despite his injuries, he is looking forward to being an active firefighter again. >> i have always wanted to be one and i'm going to stick with it. >> reporter: michael naples echoed that feeling, saying he, too, wanted to be a firefighter from an early age and there is no reason to stop now.
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>> use caution when walking after campus -- off campus after dark. that warning came from police after a student was sexually assaulted near 36th and n, street, yesterday. police are looking for a white man, short brown hair between 18 and 22 years old. police are urging students to walk in pairs. a fight at a metro station sends a 14-year-old boy to the hospital. the steen teen was stabbed on the platform of the metro station last night. he was among groups of teens who began fighting on the plat tomorrow -- platform. more than 100 students and teachers called in sick friday
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after an outbreak of the norovirus. all weekend activities were cancelled at the willow springs school to do the cleaning. it is time for the latest your money report the of the morning. >> reporter: we are 18 points away from a close above dow's 13,000. a lot of economic reports from this busy week ahead and the possibility of that 13,000. the reports include personal income and spending, economic growth, home prices and february's unemployment report. check in the numbers. the dow stands this morning at 12982, lost two points in trading friday. here's good news. economists are growing more confident that key parts of the economy will improve this year. the national association of business economics says forecasters have raised their
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expectation for employment, new home construction and business spending this year. and iphone users are getting a break. you pay less for apps than android users. android apps are more than double the cost of iphone apps in general. >> the interesting thing about the economy, some say gas prices going up is a sign of a robust economy. >> that is definitely going to be something that is going to take economic growth potentially off the table. what do you have for us in the next half hour? >> local business say nice thing for military wives in the next half hour. plus good news about the health of nelson mandela after he was hospitalized this weekend. and ahead in sports, good
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news for nats fans, they signed their face of the franchise, ryan zimmerman, to a big contract extension. we'll be right back.
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we have clear skies with lots of sunshine today. by the time we get toward noon we'll be in far better shape. a little bit of a south breeze. that may keep just a little bit of a chill. we'll look at the rest of the week. monika is in to let you know about in issues. >> we are starting monday morning very well, actually. leaving montgomery county or the other way around you are looking great on the west side of town. coming up in my next report we'll look at maryland roads at 5:16. an investigation is underway into what caused a deadly train derailment.
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the passenger train was headed from niagara falls to toronto. three engineers were killed when a couple of train cars jumped the tracks. nelson man dell la is okay, out of the hospital. this weekend doctors performed a minor procedure to relief a stomach issue. he hasn't appeared in public since july 2010. the national governor's meeting is here this week. president obama offered a toast last night to all the governors. if you couldn't stay up late enough to watch the entire oscar ceremony last night, don't worry, we have you covered. at 5:23, nascar will try to run its super bowl again today after the daytona 500 was rained out for the first time ever. >> mild temperatures coming our
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way. also rain. we'll tell you when for both, at 5:15
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good morning, welcome back on this monday morning. looking good in howard's forecast. >> reporter: on friday we thought we were going to make warm air, it never came in. we had a forecast friday that said we make 72, 74. got to 57.
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so yeah, that was a bust as big as they get on friday. i'll be the first one to tell you. bust. all right today we are going to nail it for you though. sunshine, clear skies this morning. temperatures into the low 60s this afternoon, but we have to get out of the chill early. our bus stop forecast, put a jacket on or put the little ones in a coat. i have a boy that will be 12 soon. i'm okay, dad. too cold for shorts this morning. 20s and 30s out there. this afternoon it is not going to be bad at all. sunny, a little bit breezy at times. mid-50s at noon. as we head toward the 5:00 hour, 60 degrees. southwest winds 12 miles per hour with highs in the low 60s. look at temperatures this morning in the 20s and 30s. culpepper at 28. hagerstown 31. locally 27 for rest-on --
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resston and manassas. fairfax county got you down to 26. a nice morning out there. 38 degrees at reagan national under clear skies, wind chill 31 next to the south wind at 10 miles per hour. and the barometer a lot higher than friday. a weak storm system here with the lakes. they could be bounded tomorrow night into wednesday morning. have rain coming down the coast here in california and then in florida, they were trying to get the daytona 500 in yesterday. didn't happen. highs in the mid-70s. but unfortunately, more thunderstorms. you can see the moisture in the northern gulf moving eastward. think we get a tuesday race? they are going to try to get it in, but weather could be a factor again today. they should be running the race
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in dc. high pressure nearby. might see a couple of sprinkles in virginia late this afternoon. then it is going to go out to see. we are clear tonight, we are clear tomorrow. tomorrow another nice day, although a little bit cooler. a front is going to slide down. winds tomorrow north early, as opposed to today. clouds are going to increase, we have showers by wednesday morning. trying to move in. they may hold off until midday. but they could be coming down moderately at times. that would keep us in the low 50s as well. today we start chilly, get up to the low 60s, 62. little bit of a breeze at time. we are back in the 30s tonight and tomorrow cooler, low to mid-50s. 55 for dc. cool on wednesday with the rain around. highs only in the low 50s. back in the sunshine. friday upper 50s. by saturday more rain around 60 and driver sunday.
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monika samtani stepping in 5:16. how was your weekend? >> it was great. thank you, howard. very restful and enjoyed watching the oscars. first on the northbound side of i-95, you are doing okay at route 610, there is an accident from overnight involving a tractor trailer still sitting on the shoulder. beyond that, you are okay as you head toward pennsylvania. all the corridors in the downtown area are looking great. no problems over the river crossings. if you are planning to head across the american legion bridge, looking good from 66 up toward the potomac river. another look around the area at 5:23. back to you guys.
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the nationals have another $100 million man. >> plus the daytona 500 gets postponed by rain for the first time ever no first another look at your question of the day. it happens more often on fridays between #k and 11:00 -- between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. >> dates cancelled a facebook friend says. what do you think in put your guess on our facebook page, we'll reveal the answer in about an hour or so. [ male announcer ] have you heard?
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does this make my tuches look big? it is 5:20 on this monday morning. i'm meteorologist howard bernstein. clear skies, check out the futurecast, 20s and 30s out there. warming up into the 40s, a little bit of a breeze by 9:00. 54 from cambridge and pax river by noon. culpepper potentially pushing 57 at noon. this afternoon, lots of sunshine, maybe a few high clouds north and west. 61 for dc. even driving home looking good, generally clear. temperatures mid to upper 50s. it is a little chilly to start. thanks howard. a maryland woman reaches the half century mark in rebounds. and the nationals face of
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the franchise plans to stick around for another decade or so. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. ryan zimmerman has become the latest $100 million man in washington. two days after a self-imposed deadlines the nationals and their man reached a 6 year extension for $100 million. all on top of the two years he has remaining on the current deal. zimmerman is a golden glove. >> it is my pleasure to i guess welcome you to your extension, and be glad to have you around for a long time. >> i'm excited to be part of this organization and excited to get to the ultimate goal of winning a world series. >> sounds good. lady terrapins playing nc
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state. maryland never really trailed this game but it was a fight all the way through. thomas with 22 points in the second half alone. nc state not going away. this is erica donovan to pull within tree. but the difference in this case was rebounds. terrapins do it better than any other team and yesterday was no difference. they pulled down 50 boards. the terrapins beat nc state 65-60. the daytona 500 has been postponed due to rain. officials never got a break long enough to dry the track. it has been rescud scheduled for noon today, but there is more rain in the forecast. they are trying to avoid a tuesday race. that is going to do it for your morning report. a vote today could determine whether or not verge individual puts tighter restrictions on abortion in the common well
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smooth plus how much more of your money will be going toward but thing gas in your car. a live look at the roosevelt bridge. incident free into the downtown area. no problems along 35 as well. my next report we'll go into maryland. we'll be right back.
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good morning, welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. happy monday. oscar monday. i'm mike haiduk. good morning monika. here's howard. >> reporter: it is a sunny monday around here. a good day ahead. kind of chilly.
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a little bit of a scraper alert for you, you might need an extra moment or two, but a good day ahead. expecting sunshine all day. by noon we'll warm up into the low 50s. for the 5:00 p.m. temperature, right around 60 degrees. we are looking at clear skies here. a company of clouds in the ohio valley, a few clouds toward the carolinas but nothing is headed our way today. temperatures running cold as 28 in leesburg. in the 30s across the bay and cambridge 34. fredericksburg 35. this morning we are chilly but this afternoon look at the highs. chilly in the low 60s and a couple of spots might even make
5:29 am
64, 65. we have trouble middle of the week. right now over to monika. 5:28. shoot sailing so far. >> we can't complain about that. especially on a monday morning no troubles to report around town there have been no big issues. annapolis southbound on the bw parkway has been moved off to the shoulder. route 28 if in -- in rockville, volume are on increase. no big deals on 270 if you are headed to the beltway over to the american legion bridge you are fine. 355 teen seminary road and king street, still nice and light. the violation after the
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discovery of burped qurans in afghanistan does not appear to be letting up. >> this morning a car bomb exploded outside an airport in eastern afghanistan. this is the latest incident in days of deadly riots after the discovery of burned qurans. at a u.s. base. american officials have apologized for the mistake and say they remain committed to the mission. >> this is not the time to decide we are done here. we have to redouble our efforts, create a situation in which al qaeda is not coming back. nato has pulled all foreign advisers from ministries in the capital. afghan president karzai is pledging to call in extra security. a vacant house in riverdale maryland had a fire.
5:31 am
two of the firefighters are still in critical condition. 9news reporter delia gonzalez is live with more. >> reporter: good morning, mike. the firefighters are critically injured, but they are in stable condition. we told they visited with family and with each other. they are alert and in good spirits. 21-year-old ethan sorrell and 22-year-old kevin was injured fighting the fire in riverdale heights. the house was empty at the time but a car in the driveway led them to believe someone may have been trapped inside. eight seconds after they entered that home, a massive gust of wind from friday's lie winds, you may remember, created a torch like effect inside that home. a fire ball, essentially, blue up the stair yell. -- stairwell. their brothers who were recently released from the hospital are
5:32 am
speaking out. >> at first you never know when you come out if you are going to come out and i have burns on my left ear and right year as well. every time i move it now it pops. when you fly you panic. when you panic stuff goes wrong. stay cool, this is what you are trained for and why we have classes. >> get this. calm under pressure. those firefighters 19 and 24 years old, most of them are volunteers, as a mentioned and are following in the family footsteps. they come from a long line of firefighters, their parents were volunteer firefighters themselves. coming back in a half hour, we'll hear from the parents of the two firefighters still recovering in the hospital. we'll have more on their injuries and the long road ahead. back to you mike. thanks delia. the virginia state senate
5:33 am
is scheduled to vote today on a bill that would require a woman to undergo an ultrasound when seeking an abortion. lawmakers ruled out that procedure at the request of governor bob mcdonald. today the governor said he sought the change after learning the invasive you'll that sound is not necessarily to determine the gestational age of the fetus and could cause a problem, legally. we found out from the medical community that in most cases if the abdominal ultrasound isn't sufficient, on their own they already do other kinds of ultra sounds. so i said let's make those amendments. i got legal advice from various people, including my attorney general that these kind of mandatory invasive requirements might run afoul of the fourth amendment law. which guards against unreasonable searches. in maryland, governor martin o'malley says he will sign a
5:34 am
bill allowing same particular sage -- same sex marriage. the republican kneel parrot has filed with the state board of elections for a referendum petition. if the board approves it, paris will have to collect signatures from more than 55,000. jessica doyle is back and keeping an eye on prices at the pump, so you don't have to. >> yeah, it is really bad. get this. prices are up 18 cents nationwide. the lundburg survey puts the average price nationwide at $3.69. oil prices have been surging. about $110 a barrel last week. if oil prices stay this high, gas prices are going to keep on
5:35 am
climbing. news here locally is worst. triple astacio mid-atlantic says local gas prices are averaging $3.71 a gallon. good year is recalling six versions of its wrangler silent armor tires. there are concerns the tread could separate and cause accidents. the tires are designed for trucks, vans and suvs, and the recall will start by march 22nd. meantime a local business just did a nice thing for the wives of local marines who are expecting their husbands to return home from afghanistan in the next two weeks. they offered up free makeovers for the women. it includes waxing and makeup plus a bag of goodies for the women to take home. the salon employees donated
5:36 am
their time and more than $2000 worth of services. >> what a nice idea. thank you jessica. we'll be back from a few minutes with today's daily deals. plus we will be talking about the winners and losers and those oscar fashions. we can't stop talking about those.
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definitely chilly this morning. gloves on and jackets. we have some areas in the 20s, even colder than here, but a good day ahead. plenty of sunshine. by noon, in fact, we will be into the 50s already. south winds at 12. by 5:00, after being in the low 60s, we'll be back down to 60. 7-day forecast coming up in 5 minutes. right now monika with timesaver traffic. overall things are not looking too bad around town.
5:39 am
all the corridors are great. an accident just reported in maryland, i'll have more on that coming up in my next report. back to you guys. thank you. we have been combing through the daily deals and retailer websites to find you deep discounts. this is a deal on a camera that is going to save you 50% off. at best deal of the day. a samsung digital camera in blue. a 14.2 mega pixels camera, 5 times optical zoom and the price there $5.99. a facebook friend sent me a message about this deal. visual health doctors of optometry is running a deal with groupon. if you pay $19 you are going to get $200 of frames. a 91% discount. an eye exam valid at $3 plus
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225 toward prescription frames and lenses. today ikea is offering a free breakfast from 9:30 until 11:00 a.m. if you have an offer you have seen, i would love to hear from you on facebook and we always love free breakfasts. andrea and mike, over to you. i can't we want to take another look at our question of the day. that happens more often on fridays between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. than any other time. jimmy writes for some reason i'm thinking c, dates cancelled. >> yeah the options were traffic accidents, bank robberies or dates cancelled. i go along with jimmy, too. post your guesses and comments on our facebook fan page. we'll reveal the answer in about an hour. coming up the republican
5:41 am
presidential candidates gearing up for two primaries tomorrow. let's see who is celebrating a birthday today. she has an oscar. act tres joanne woodward is 82. ralph tornado soldier 78. she integrated the university of georgia. charlene hunter quality is 70. james worthy is 51, the nfl tight end tony gonzalez is 36. chelsea clinton is 32 today. josh groben bin is 31. hey guys, breakfast!
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there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first on the side. from honey nut cheerios to cinnamon toast crunch to lucky charms, get more whole grain than any other ingredient... without question. just look for the white check. warm to 9news now. it is going to be a great start
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to the week weatherwise. going to be outside this morning, you are going to feel it as well. and you may have frost to deal with. on the upside, we have sunshine and milder temperatures for the afternoon. we are going to go into the low 60s. 20s and 30s to start with generally clear skies this morning. sunrise coming up at 6:44. we are just a couple of weeks away from the time change. march 10th. today sunshine, little bit breezy at times. by 11:00, 51 degrees, south winds at 11. the afternoon features sunshine. highs 62, 63 degrees with a 5:00 p.m. temperature still at about 60. so very comfortable this afternoon. our weather headlines, we start out nice today and even
5:46 am
tomorrow. tomorrow maybe not as mild as today. a little bit cooler by a few degrees. the front will give us more of a northerly flow. wednesday that is the rainy day. but that thursday and friday look nice again. saturday looks wet, sunday looks dry. low 30s, hagerstown and culpepper. 20s in leesburg in the 20s this morning. mid-30s across the bay. some of the wind chills have dipped counsel into the 20s. our michael and son weather camera. nice. clear skies, good visibility, capital dome looking bright this morning. 38 degrees. the wind chill 316789 the barometer continuing still to rise a little bit after 30.41 inches of mercury with high pressure over the east coast. out west you can see the storm coming down the california
5:47 am
coast. snow in the northern plains and western lakes. more lane unfortunately, looks like it is going to be around daytona beach. highs in the mid-70s, more thunderstorms in the forecast. that could be a challenge once again today to get the race in. for us the only challenge is really the chill this morning. won't have anything really coming our way for a couple of days. a few showers in norfolk. tonight is clear through the afternoon and day and the clouds increase tomorrow night and the rain, here comes the rain on wednesday. some of the rain could be on the moderate side. 62 today, a bit breezy at times. back in the 30s tonight. mid-50s tomorrow. little bit cooler. wednesday wet and only 52.
5:48 am
it is now 5:47. monika samtani. >> it is good. especially for a monday morning. i'm surprised, actually. there has been an accident reported on the northbound side of route 29 at route 100 and it looks like things may have cleared up there. good news. southbound side unaffected down toward briggs cheney and the beltway. let's look at the beltway in college park, also running smoothly you are going to hit the brake lights after 95 into silver spring. no big deals on the north side of town, i'm happy to say. now the other side of town, a last live look. if you are planning to head over here a bit slow through landmark, then it breaks free here. more on virginia roadways, coming up next at 6:00. making news now at 5:48.
5:49 am
a trial to determine how much bp owes for the 2010 oil spill in the gulf of mexico was supposed to start today. but it has been delayed for a week to give more time to work i -- on a settlement. bp has more than a half million claims as a result of the suit. the syrian government held a reference dumb on a new constitution, which includes some reforms that could allow president assad to stay in office until 2028. weekend polls show maidenform is remaining the lead in his native state of michigan. rick santorum had surged to the front. michigan and arizona holding primaries tomorrow. super tuesday, next week. did you stay up for last night's academy awards?
5:50 am
we are going to start with the winner for best picture, "the artist ." not a sprays. the first time a silent film has been awarded since the academy started. goes to show harvey weinstein is a war horse. that movie had no chance. a silent movie in this day and age? it is so charming. >> a lot of op he hads -- op eds were saying it shouldn't have been in the category. >> true. but if you had seen it, eventually, however remember a lot of the times, movies are true of the times. >> we learned in 2008 no country for men was john mccain.
5:51 am
let's talk about best actress. it was viola davis or meryl streep. >> yes. we were all equally surprised. i think she gets the award for best speech. >> i agree. she was wonderful. she tanked the people she needed to thank and she was charming. it had been 2 years since she last won. 17 nominations. she is undoubtly the best living actress in the world. >> consistent, too. julia child she was dead on with that. and again with margaret thatcher. it was nice seeing the two, viola and meryl streep meet. octavia spencer, no surprise she went home with the supporting actress. >> no she was quite disturbing. 94% of the academy is write and 73% is old men and male,
5:52 am
specifically. i was happy. i was not surprised. and viola davis did win sag and that is the actors. christopher plumber oldest winner. >> i know it was now or never. he is 82. the movie was wonderful. it is about a man who comes out of the closet at that late age, and that is his real age. fantastic performance. but just like meryl streep. not a surprise. >> exactly. and i can't niece is going to stay with us and talk about oscar night fashions. so don't leave your tv set, you'll want to hear that. jessica, what do you have? >> reporter: certain types of identity thefts are soaring. what you should be on the lookout for. coming up at 6:07.
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you are watching 9news now.
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on this monday morning, we have clear skies, 20s and 30s out there. definitely a chilly start. you may even have frost to scrape off your windshield. by 9:00, still at 39, andrew up to 42. bw i, at 45 degrees. lunch time a bit of a breeze. a few high clouds here and there. 61 degrees. monika samtani is talking oscars. >> reporter: that's right. oscar fashion. the dish on who wore what. lots of one shoulders, mono chrome. we had red, white and gold. >> yes we did. >> reporter: we are going to talk about the hair first. tina fey, what did you think?
5:57 am
>> the whole night was all glam night. that is the way to do it. and carol lena herrera made the dress just for her. penelope cruz, a beautiful woman, that was matronly. >> and her hair is normally long and flowing and i don't know. didn't do it for me. >> reporter: shay lean woodley is 20 years old. what happened to her? >> i think that was way too serious. definitely too much clothing. >> we are going to the dresses now and the first one is stacy keibler. >> reporter: george clooney. >> we are getting a lot of applause from the audience
5:58 am
here. she looked like a statue. glenn close, we disagree about that. you think she kept within her character and i think she should have done the opposite. it is strapless and a siren look. she looks fantastic, wear her hair down and youthful and sexy. >> we agree to disagree. viola davis, oh wow, i love she had her own hair. what did you think? >> she looked wonderful. she was glowing. on the red carpet. >> and her earrings. gorgeous. i loved the coral. what did you think? >> i thought it was so
5:59 am
delicate. i think she just looked wonderful. we are going to the next set sandra bullock always looks good. she knows what she likes. >> yes i loved it. >> it didn't do much for her figure but it is old hollywood glam. some of my favorites were angelina jolie. jennifer lopez didn't do it for me but overall thumbs up. >> it is a night about fashion. back to you guys. you can afford to watch us where you can't afford to even look at some of those gowns. yo


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